My Very Favorite Room

I’m linking up with Momfessionals today to talk about our favorite rooms.

I’ve been thinking long and hard about my favorite room and had a lot of difficulty making a choice.

bohnbedroom1Is it the cozy bedroom with the exact right number of overstuffed pillows?


The living room with the bold yet fashionable kelly green couch and analogous yellow paint?


The crumbless kitchen filled with stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, and delicious things bubbling on the stove for dinner?


The office, which is impeccably organized for utmost concentration on both writing and information gathering?

I just simply can’t pick. Ikea has far too many fabulous rooms to choose from.

Oh wait. You mean to tell me you want to see my favorite room in my house? Shoot. That’s even harder than picking a favorite from Ikea. Most often my house looks like this:


How can one pick a favorite room, when every room in their house is buried under a thick layer of toys? I look around our house, and I love it. Because we live here. And it feels warm and cozy. But the floors are also a little sticky most of the time. And the walls have hand prints. And boring paint. I don’t think Better Homes and Gardens will be stopping by to feature us anytime soon. Maybe someday I’ll have fancy rooms to show off. But probably not. What’s my real favorite room? The bathroom I guess. Mostly because it’s the only place I can get 7 minutes of solitude and also because I can close my eyes in the shower and pretend I’m standing under a waterfall in Hawaii. I’ve posted one picture of our bathroom below. Mariyah took it. You may be wondering why I’ve cropped so close to Violet. I figured it wise to remove any and all evidence of how often I scrub said bathroom.

bohnbathroomIf you’re a better decorator than I am, link up your favorite room on Momfessionals today.

Monday Morning Coffee Talk: Division of Responsibility


My husband and I were having a “discussion” if you will recently about who contributes what around the home. He was feeling at that moment that he was putting in 75% of the work. I was feeling like I was putting in 75% of the work. Sounds great right? Our house should be really clean if we’re putting in 150%. But alas, it was not that clean. And not that great either. Because we both felt the other one wasn’t actually doing 75%. We felt on that particular day, that the other one was putting in more like 25% of the work.

Before Violet was born the house was pretty well put together. We had a good routine. The parents were even steven with the children. Which made it easy to keep the work load in check. I don’t know if the household chores were exactly 50/50 every day, but it felt like it. And it worked. You make the dinner, I’ll make the lunch. You do the drop off, I’ll do the pick up. You take him to soccer, I’ll take her to the birthday party. But now we’re out numbered. Many times in the old days, one parent took care of both children and the other parent got a reprieve. There are no more reprieves. The new 50/50 is a lot more work than the old 50/50. Although we are likely both still doing 50/50, sometimes we both feel like we’re doing 75. And sometimes we’re both exhausted.

When I was a child it seemed like moms did all the work. Dads did some things. Like coaching the little league team. And handing out the allowance. But moms did all the feeding, cleaning, and driving of the children. I can’t think of any family I knew where the father regularly made dinner or drove the carpool. I could not live like that. Today, nearly every parent set I know seems to split it up pretty evenly. Moms do a lot of work. Dads do a lot of work.

In our house Rob tends to do dishes, dinner, and the after school hours. I tend to do mornings, laundry, and the bedtime routine. We split up random stuff, like he’s always the one purging our house when it gets too cluttered. And I’m always the one scrubbing the bathroom toilets. I take the kids to birthday parties and play dates. He takes them to the record store or on household errands. Although we feel overwhelmed at times (like on the day mentioned above) we’ve actually got a pretty good system. Plus we’ve been known to make our kids do a lot of the chores themselves, which is a hefty topic for another day. It really does get easier with every passing month as Violet becomes less of a baby and more of a self sufficient toddler (excuse me while I wipe a sad tear from my left cheek and a happy tear from my right cheek).

How do you and your spouse split up the chores in your house? Who does what? Or are you one of those lucky ladies with a live in house keeper, nanny, and cook? Do you find that there are different “expectations” if you will for stay at home moms and work out of the home moms? Is it just me, or do dads tend to take a bigger role in household duties these days? If you’re a single mom, how you do it? Talk to me about the division of responsibility in your house on this Monday Morning!

Just an Average Day in Pictures

First of the month! Here’s our day in pictures.

march1Sunday is my day to sleep in (Rob’s day is Saturday). He had to go in to work at 8, so I “only” got to sleep until 7:30 (I’ve been known to last until 10:00 when there is nothing going on). I’m sure my friends with little children will agree that 7:30 is still heaven. I came down to find these munchkins entranced in an episode of Scooby Doo.

march2After far more Scooby Doo episodes than I care to admit in writing, Violet went for a nap and I went for a cup of Tea.

march3James and Mariyah went for some legos.

march4Our plan for the day was a quick trip to Ikea, and then the science center. In preparation I measured the windows we needed blinds for. This time I labeled which was width and height. There was once an unfortunate incident where someone gave my mother in law window measurements but mixed up the width and height. That someone was me. My mother in law made some absolutely gorgeous curtains for us that didn’t exactly cover the entire window as a curtain should. In penance I went ahead and hung those curtains anyway for about 4 years. They looked pretty good minus that whole being the wrong size thing.


When we arrived, Mariyah decided to do a clothed reenactment of that time she was 2 and a half or 3, and I brought her and James to Ikea because I heard it was a fun place to take children on account of the balls and everything. The people in the ball pit wouldn’t let Mariyah in because they weren’t sure if she was 100% potty trained, since when they asked her she refused to answer them. I was so annoyed that I crankily didn’t let James in to the ball pit either, and instead brought them around the store with me. James decided it was a good idea to scramble up to the top bunk of a show room and wouldn’t come down “because it was a rocket ship and it wasn’t time to land yet.” I turned my back on Mariyah for 3 seconds to try and coax him in to coming down. During that 3 seconds she found a show room toilet and decided to go ahead and use it because it looked exactly like the real thing. They make those “not a real toilet” signs for a reason you know. Unfortunately small children can’t read them. “If only those ball pit people could see her now” I remember thinking to myself.


Oh! Also finally caught Violet’s stink eye on camera. She gives this look to everyone who smiles at her lately. Such a peach.


I’m not really sure what happened but we ended up with a cart full of things that weren’t blinds. I think it was because my kids reminded me that I didn’t give Violet anything for her birthday and they wanted to make it up to her. I reminded them that Violet didn’t care. But they couldn’t be swayed. Apparently she really needed a tent, and a tunnel, and an aerobic mat. I drew the line at the circus themed “big girl bed” seeing as she won’t even sleep in her crib yet. We had some Swedish Meatballs and got ready to head home.


Where we found this in the parking lot. Yep. Was hoping March 1st would bring a bit of warmer weather rather then another snow storm. Due to the impending weather conditions I lied and told my children the science center was closed we decided to skip the science center.

Picked up the hubs from work on our drive home. He shoveled the walk.

The kids alternated between playing in the tent and showering. We had dinner and called it a night.

march11Fingers crossed for no school cancellations tomorrow! It’s my “day off” so I’m really hoping to sit by the hearth and scrap book all day while my toddler plays quietly with all her organic wooden toys.

Friday Favorites

Favorite Toy: Have you guys heard of Jill McDonald? I hadn’t either until my mom gave the kids a few Jill McDonald toys. I love how racially diverse it all is. How awesome is this puzzle?

Favorite picture: Remember how I mentioned my depression over loosing so many newborn photos and videos of Violet? Well a friend recommended just stuffing her into her newborn outfits and doing retakes. Good thing I haven’t had a chance to clean all the old clothes out of the attic yet! It totally works right? I think I’ll put this in the baby book as her 3 month shot.

Favorite book: I’ve been a little preoccupied this week. I started reading Everything You Ever Wanted by Jillian Lauren and I simply can’t bring myself to put it down. The laundry, cleaning, and returning of emails have all been put on hold for the foreseeable future. I walk down the street with my kindle (aka iPhone with kindle app) in front of me reading as I walk, just like I used to do with The Babysitters Club on my way to the bus stop when I was 10. I’m not usually one to write book reviews, but I’m going to have to write up a review on this one for you guys once I finish it. It is honestly one of the best books I’ve read in awhile. I think it is going to be majorly loved by both the adoption community and moms in general.

Favorite recipe: “But you don’t know how to cook!” you are all thinking to yourself. Yes I know. But sometimes I give it a try. I tend to have a little trouble with cooking because it’s really, really hard to cook something while simultaneously fighting the urge to eat it all before it’s finished. And also stoves sometimes burn things. This week I gave my friend Nicole’s recipe for Stovetop Cheesy Potato Casserole a try. It was delicious! And easy! Which are my two main goals for anything coming out of my kitchen. My kids announced that it was just as good as my mac and cheese (which is one of the only other dishes I can cook). So you know, HIGH honors for this one.potato-casserole-slider

Favorite thing my kid said: If you guys are on my Facebook page you may have heard this one already (and if you’re not on my Facebook page you probably should be, I promise I post fun stuff!). But this week James and I were in the car driving when a particularly popular song came on the radio. Perhaps you’ve heard a little diddy by the name of Uptown Funk? Well as usual James was totally 100% rocking out, complete with head nod and hands raising the roof. “Girls hit your hallelujah, whoo!” he chanted. Then we approached the end of the song. The repetitive chorus part. My 10 year old abruptly stopped dancing, looked me in the eye and said “Mom the lyrics for this song are ‘uptown FUNK you up.’ I’m just telling you because I don’t want you to get it wrong like I did the first time I heard it.” Always good to have a kid who keeps their mother’s use of profanities in check. I can just see him nodding his head, raising the roof, and getting that particular lyric wrong while riding in one of his friend’s cars.

Fun at the Target One Spot

I may have mentioned on more than one occasion that I absolutely love Target. Everything from their affordably priced sweaters to their delicious Starbucks lattes brings me great joy. Now admittedly it’s not the most eco friendly store to grace this fine earth. But I’ve learned that as much as I like organic, ethically sourced clothing and fine home furnishings made from reclaimed wood, financially I have to pick my battles. I’ve picked not to battle with my love of Target for the foreseeable future. Plus they do some pretty cool things, like donate groceries that are nearing expiration to local food banks. One of my favorite stops in Target (after the Starbucks stop) is the Target one spot. It does have some useless junk, like 11,000 Elsa coloring books*. But it’s also got some pretty fun stuff. We like to go there from time to time for inexpensive craft ideas.

On a recent Target trip the kids and I stopped by the one spot and decided to pick up a few supplies to make a Spring wreathe. I admit some of it seems a little random, but who am I to argue with their artistic vision?

Most of it was clearanced Valentine’s stuff, so we did a paint job to make it a little more springy if you will.

Someone came up with the great idea of turning these old dollar spot Christmas gift tags that were clearanced for 11 cents into fresh spring leaves. (That someone was me).

Unfortunately even after cutting the berries off they still looked a little holidayish.

But the kids thought the leaves looked pretty awesome and perfectly springy thankyouverymuch. So they got to stay. Wa-la! Done! Totally easy and fun little art project courtesy of the Target dollar spot. Hopefully this easy little spring wreath will bring a bit of sunnier weather our way! We are “Ah-Da” as Violet would say with this whole winter thing.


*Useless to me, my 7 year old would like to purchase all 11,000 of them.

Check out some more cool Target One Spot inspired stuff!

Guest Post: The Very Real Struggle with Infertility

Today’s guest post was written by my friend Nicole from Little Blog on the Homestead. She has struggled with infertility and all the stress and heartache that comes along with it. I know you will all enjoy reading her story. If you are interested in submitting a guest post, please do so here.


May 2011, it’s been almost 4 years since I heard the news from my doctor that traditional, non invasive measures of fertility treatments weren’t working. I had reached the line I had drawn for myself almost a decade ago. There was little modern medicine could do to help me fulfill the dream of being a biological mom. It was a hard blow, one that no matter how prepared you are, cuts to the bone.

I’ve known most of my life that there is something wrong with me, I know it sounds weird but I’ve always just known that my girl parts weren’t right. When I was younger I didn’t mind so much, who has time for periods and other girlie stuff when you’ve got so much going on. I told myself I didn’t want to be a mom anyways, that I had to  many plans and goals. But as hard as I tried to convince myself of that (and I tried pretty hard) my heart overruled my head pretty quickly.

When my husband said he was ready to start trying for a family I knew it would be an uphill battle. In that time frame I’d been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), so my doctor and I knew that it would be difficult to get pregnant naturally, but we set out to try naturally for 6 months anyways just to make sure. Every month it was a roller coaster of emotions as I tried not to get my hopes up, and tried not to be too hurt when I still wasn’t pregnant.

During that 6 months we also started working with the local Bethany Christian Services to start the process of becoming foster-adopt parents. It was a calling that I had felt from a young age and was excited to start. We decided that we’d put our hearts and efforts into both and whichever was successful first would be how we became parents. Pretty quickly it became clear that foster-adopt was going to win.

Foster-Adopt Paperwork

So much paperwork with foster-adopt!

Of course that time also happened to be the same time of the worst recession since the Great Depression and finding a job locally was not working. So when an opportunity came up to move to Arkansas for work I struggled. I wanted to be a mom, but I’d also spent a LOT of money getting a degree that was being wasted. With a breaking heart I told my case worker that we were moving, he was incredible and even called us a couple months after the move just to see how we were doing.

We were so close to being parents with foster-adopt we even had a room set up.

We were so close to being parents with foster-adopt we even had a room set up.

Figuring we’d pick up the same plan in Arkansas I went to a meeting with their foster-adopt agency, it became clear that I’d been spoiled with the great treatment and support of BCS and so we decided to focus our whole effort on having a baby instead.

I found a doctor, a great women’s hospital and quickly made my appointment with a fertility specialist. Because of my years of amenorrhea (absence of periods) and diagnosis of PCOS we settled on a course of hormones to induce menstruation, Clomid to increase egg production, and then another drug cocktail to increase the likelihood of  pregnancy…I feel like crying even remembering how hopeful I felt after that first appointment. We had a plan, we knew what we were going to do, and I had absolute faith that it would work, that this was the kick my system needed to be successful… we were wrong.

I got to know my doctors office and pharmacist very well, a different prescription every week, and appointment every 2-3 weeks, ultrasounds, lab tests, blood tests, pregnancy tests. Hours of sitting in a waiting room full of expectant parents. If there is such thing as hell, that was it for me. In addition to the stress and emotional havoc of trying to get pregnant I had every bad side effect you can imagine from the drugs. Weight gain. Water retention. Mood swings. Hot flashes. Irritability. Insomnia.


Just starting fertility treatments, beginning of the weight gain.

As you can only imagine I was a joy to be around. Laughing manically one minute, crying hysterically the next.  I could no longer trust my emotions and struggled to know if I was feeling something because it was genuine or because of the drugs. My marriage which had already been strained due to the move was beginning to crack. But I kept at it. Kept hope that it would be worth it when I finally got pregnant.

Then came the first appointment where we’d see if everything was working and if we were ready for the last drug meant to increase our chances of getting pregnant…I laid there as the ultrasound technician took the images. Tried to decipher what all the squiggles she wrote meant. Tried to determine if being told to wait for the doctor was a good thing or a bad thing…It was a bad thing. Even with all the hormones and Clomid my ovaries weren’t showing anything more than a blip of production. But surely this was just because it was the first round.  So we gave my body 2 weeks to try and menstruate naturally (it didn’t) and then we started

Round 2…

Round 3…

Because of the fertility diagnosis none of this was really covered by our insurance. We paid out of pocket for the drugs and the ultrasounds, and were able to code the regular appointments as being related to my PCOS so didn’t have to pay for each of those. But just as before my ovaries never changed. The bottle of medicine I’d bought after our first appointment (the one we were supposed to use to increase likelihood of pregnancy) sat on the counter. Taunting me. My body was worn out. My heart was broken. And my spirit couldn’t take it anymore. I felt an anguish I still struggle with so many years later.

Round 4… The last recommended round from our specialist, and our bank account. And still, nothing. After all those rounds of hormones and Clomid there was just barely a hint of improvement in one of my ovaries. All that time. All that money. All that pain. For nothing. I walked out of that appointment and cried for almost 30 minutes before I could drive home. I never felt more alone in my life. The doctor wanted to talk about in-vitro. But I was done. I was glad I set up that line for myself years before because I honestly don’t know what I would have chosen otherwise. I had an opportunity to take a job back in Michigan and I hoped that would save my sanity and my marriage….

I’ve really struggled since than to find myself again. By 2013 I was divorced, rebuilding my life, and still struggling with the idea of what infertility means to my sense of self. Now in 2015 I am on the brink of getting married once again and I am with a man who knows my heart like no other. He’s held me as I’ve cried at baby announcements. Woken me from the bad dreams that still plague me. Given me hope and comfort and laughter like no other person has before, “There are worse fates in life than to be Carl and Ellie” is a constant refrain in our house. I still don’t know what course we’ll eventually land on. Whether we’ll be parents biologically, through adoption, or just be the best aunt and uncle ever. But I do know that I’ll never have to sit at an appointment alone again. I’ll never have to cry alone again. And no matter what I know I’ll always be loved.


If you enjoyed this post you can read more about my infertility journey here!


NicoleNicole blogs over at Little Blog on the Homestead, sharing with readers her attempts to create a more self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle. When she isn’t writing about homesteading, you’ll find posts on the zombie apocalypse (more commonly known as emergency preparedness), her homestead wedding, real food recipes, and every day life living on a suburban homestead. Follow along for yourself at


It’s Friday again! Yeehaw! Just a few very quick updates on our week before I head off to work.

My kids have been at grandma’s all week for winter break (a separate occasion from Christmas break, and the break that falls in April which they call Spring break even though our climate usually still requires a winter coat). Aside from presidents day, and a two hour delay one day, and an early closing due to the heater being broken another day, Violet’s daycare has been open for business, so she stayed with us. We go visit my parents tonight to pick the big kids back up and I can’t wait! I miss them so much. So does Violet. She keeps wandering around the house yelling “Bubbah!” (brother) and “Yi-Yah!” (Mariyah) then getting very upset when she can’t find them.

With my kids who are cognizant of healthy eating away from home, I have had absolutely no reason to do anything other then eat ice cream and oreos all week. Oh and also sushi. And crackers with frosting on them. It’s a good thing my kids are coming home soon to keep me in check.

Do you guys ever use Stitch Fix? It’s super fun. And slightly addictive. And just the teeniest tiniest bit expensive. Lately I’ve been getting “that feeling.” You know the one, where you have NOTHING in your closet, despite it being so jam packed that you can’t fit another hanger. So you start thinking you need to go shopping, or order a new box from Stitch Fix. Well in an effort to clean out my closet and make room for another fix, I asked my sister to tell me what I owned that was out of style. Fashion is something so far out of my realm of consciousness that I would likely still be wearing bell bottoms and body suits if I had any that still fit from middle school. Well my awesome sister went through my closet and paired all my shirts and sweaters and jackets and pants. I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe. I hope Violet is as lucky as me when it comes to fashionable big sisters. I have a feeling she will be. Mariyah is already all into styling her baby sister’s outfits. God bless older, cooler, sisters.

I need some music recommendations, what are you digging lately? This week I just can’t stop listening to If/Then. Rob has been leaving for work with Violet at 7 as usual. Normally at that point I’m getting our big kids ready for school, but since they aren’t home I spend my mornings standing in front of the mirror with my hair brush, belting out songs and pretending I’m Idina Menzel. Some other me is a rock star. But this me lives with what they’ve got.

Violet has been pretty in to singing old McDonald lately. And when I say “singing” I mean letting us sing, and chiming in for the E-I-E-I-O. It’s cute. I’ve been trying to get a video of it but haven’t had much luck. I vowed to up my video taking efforts a few days ago when I realized my little photographer had accidentally deleted over a years worth of videos from her camera. Note to self: when you say “Oh my gosh this is so cute! I need to get a video of it!” and your 6/7 year old says “I’ll get it for you mommy!” Let her get it. And then get it yourself on your own camera for backup.


Adoption Talk Link Up: Adoption Ethics

Welcome back to the Adoption Talk Link Up! This week’s topic is Ethics. Adoption Ethics are such a huge and important topic. I really look forward to reading the different thoughts on the matter from various vantage points. If you’ve written about ethics, feel free to link up your post at the bottom of this page. Ethics can be one of those really touchy subjects in adoption. So please read with respect for others.

Ethics is a HUGE topic in adoption. Foster care adoption is a great path to take if you are planning to adopt and considering ethics.

Ethics and Why We Like Foster Care Adoption

After I adopted my children a few years ago, I joined several adoption groups in hopes of connecting with other adoptive parents and adoptees. One of the most common questions that prospective adoptive parents seemed to ask the group was for ethical adoption agency recommendations. Ethical adoption agencies? We had adopted through foster care, and I hadn’t even considered the fact that this was something prospective adoptive parents had to think about. I asked a friend what in the world they were talking about. “You know, the adoption machine. Where unethical agencies and governments coerce birth mothers and then give their babies to greedy white people for large sums of money.” Call me naive (because I was), but I had never heard of such a thing. It sounded like exaggeration. And paranoia. And a great way to turn people away from adoption, and make those who had already adopted feel guilty. No person wants to steal another woman (or man’s) baby. How could an unethical agency even remain operational?

[Read more…]

How I Met My Husband

I love hearing how people met their partner. I had this friend in college who met his girlfriend on the subway. He was reading a book of poetry and looked up to see her reading the exact same book of poetry. They might have even been on the exact same poem. Which was probably a love poem. They smiled at each other and instantly fell in love. I’m not sure what happened to either of them, but I like to think they are still together somewhere in this world. And, that they read poetry to each other nightly.

It’s always so much fun to hear how people met. Actually that’s a lie, usually it’s so much fun to hear how people met, but sometimes it’s kind of boring. Like when people say something like “we met in college.” And I think, “Ugh. That’s so regular.”

Since I love these love stories so much I decided to link up with Momfessionals today to share how Rob and I met. So here we go…

We met in college. Ugh, that’s so regular. I know. Not exactly love and poetry on the subway. But, it’s our story so I guess I’ll just have to learn to live with it.


This is what I plan to tell my children until they are 45: It was the week of freshmen orientation. Through a long chain of events, I had been placed in a dorm room on the upperclassmen floor with upperclassmen roommates who had not moved in yet. I didn’t know anyone in the building, so I wandered down to the floor of a boy I went to high school with since he was the only person I knew. We played some video games in his dorm room with his nice new room mates. Later that night I met your dad when we were recruiting players for a tournament. The rest is history.

This is what really happened: It was the week of freshmen orientation. Through a long chain of events, I had been placed in a dorm room on the upperclassmen floor with upperclassmen roommates who had not moved in yet. I didn’t know anyone in the building, so I wandered down to the dorm room of a boy I went to high school with since he was the only person I knew. He and all of his nerdy art school room mates were drinking and playing Duck Hunt. Now I know you guys know that I’m not exactly a fan of first person shooter games. I’m the mean mom who doesn’t let my kids play and also announces this fact in front of my kid’s friends before every play date. But Duck Hunt man. Duck Hunt is different. Naturally I enrolled in the Duck Hunt tournament that evening. Now I’m no Jimmy Wood, but I did have two brothers so I can hold my own in a game of Duck Hunt. I can’t remember the stakes of the game. I’m pretty sure you had to take a shot every time you missed a duck. I don’t know if there was a real prize. Probably just the glory. The night went on. I think I probably missed a couple of ducks. Next thing I knew I had rounded up a few new friends to go door to door in search of Duck Hunt players for the tournament. I was looking for the best of the best man. And wa-la. I knocked on the door of dorm room 6C and found my husband. The rest is history. And also I can’t remember who won the Duck Hunt tournament but let’s just say it was me.

A couple years and kids later we were married. And we’ve lived happily ever after most of the time since.
4th anniversary

Monday Morning Coffee Talk: Presidents


I overheard a discussion between my son and his friend a few months ago. The two of them were in an argument over the “best president” of the United States. My son felt strongly that George Washington was number one. After all he was the first. And he had funny teeth and owned a whiskey distillery, so you know, very cool. My son’s friend was adamant that William Taft was best on account of the whole bathtub incident. I heard them argue and discuss counterpoints such as “He had to have ivory dentures!” and “It took 11 sticks of butter to slide him out!” Occasionally Mariyah would pipe in with a comment on how great Barack Obama is. Obviously best president is a very heated topic for the elementary crowd in our neighborhood. I was just happy to hear them discussing something besides Minecraft.


Halloween 2013

My kids have been pretty hooked on presidents for awhile. What started as a quick trip to Mount Vernon Plantation has turned into a years long obsession with George Washington for James. Because George was taken, Mariyah defaulted to the only other president she knew the name of, and has been a huge Obama fan for the last few years. It’s actually pretty fun, and arguably the only historical thing they have shown much interest in. When I was a child my favorite president was Jimmy Carter. I knew nothing of his politics, but zoned in on him because he was recent and had a child in the white house which I thought was really cool. Also pretty sure my mom was a fan and when you’re 8 your mom knows everything (unless you live in my house – and then when your 8 your mom knows nothing except perhaps how to make macaroni and cheese).

I know it’s not exactly the most existential topic on the planet, but in honor of presidents day, any favorite presidents in your house? Anyone you think really made a difference for our country? Perhaps you liked someone as a child because they had a cool hat or a fun toy named after them. Are your kids as hooked on presidents as my kids and their friends are? Talk to me on this Monday Morning!